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Pioneering Change. Achieving Success.

Nora is a leader and a strategic thinker— building relationships and achieving success through meaningful collaborations. As a nonprofit consultant, she is passionate about her role and dedicated to working with your team to achieve success.

Strategic · Developer · Maximizer · Arranger · Responsibility · Empathy

– As found by the Gallup StrengthsFinder.

Nora is a social entrepreneur who has dedicated her life to working with nonprofit organizations, primarily Special Olympics. She is people-oriented and passionate about working to make a difference in both her local community and beyond.
Nora’s journey includes a broad range of experiences planning and managing programs and fundraising events for over 35 years.  She led the 40,000+ strong volunteer force of the 1995 Special Olympics World Games in Connecticut and was invited to serve as the first Executive Director of Jane Doe No More, Inc., a nonprofit, raising awareness about sexual assault.
Nora is a leader and a strategic thinker. She builds relationships and achieves success through hard work and strategic collaborations. Nora strives for meaningful inclusion of all people, all ages, and all abilities in her work. She has demonstrated this in her work at Special Olympics, Jane Doe No More, through countless volunteer experiences and roles and as the mom of three young men.


Nora has worked with
Special Olympics in PA, DE, CT, NY and North America, and as the Director of Volunteers for the 1995 Special Olympics World Games. 

30+ Years’ Experience working with Special Olympics

Nora worked alongside the founder to build a diverse Board of Directors and was instrumental in establishing local, statewide and national opportunities for exposure.

Recruited as first Executive Director for a startup nonprofit

Nora has created and managed all types of programs and events from multi-day sporting events to conferences, galas and awards dinners and more.

Planned and coordinated programs and fundraising events for 35+ years

Duty Trumps Doubt is an 8-minute video created to enhance training for first responders on the crimes of sexual violence and winner of a CINE Golden Eagle Award.

Coordinating Producer of
Duty Trumps Doubt 


Community Engagement & Volunteer Management

Nora is a leader who builds relationships through strategic collaborations and will work with your team to expand your community footprint. She will support you in recruiting and establishing volunteer committees which are a successful ingredient to achieving your nonprofit goals.

  • Community Engagement
  • Team Building
  • Committee Development

Inclusive Leadership

Nora is committed to leadership opportunities for persons of all abilities. She will introduce inclusive leadership practices to your team. In her 30+ years with Special Olympics, she not only created and presented content on leadership training, but more importantly engaged people of all abilities in meaningful leadership roles.

  • Inclusive Leadership Development
  • Meaningful Inclusion Opportunities

NonProfit Leadership Training

Nora has spent over 35 years in the nonprofit industry. She will work with your team to improve its ability to execute your mission, while providing strategies for your board and staff to improve effectiveness, transform communication and recruit a diverse group of members to support your mission.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Nonprofit Storytelling 
  • Image Development

Event Planning and Fundraising

With careful attention to detail, a keen awareness for problem-solving, and 35+ years’ experience in organizing special events and programs, Nora is a highly capable and creative event planner. She will plan, organize and manage your next special event, program or fundraiser— from start to finish.

  • Conference and Meeting Planning
  • Custom-themed Events
  • Fundraising Events